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Unilever needed a transformation for Persil, to enable it to compete with the new kids on the wash block, concentrated gels.

Persil’s conviction was that its rapidly dissolving liquid got to the heart of the wash more quickly, leaving no residue and giving great results. The challenge was to restage it as modern and innovative on the supermarket shelf, calling to shoppers, and then reinforcing this message through more effective performance at home.

In came Tin Horse. Our expert team was inspired by insights they discovered in store, which showed shoppers buying laundry products on complete autopilot. Our first mission was to smash through this and grab their attention at shelf. We then set out to find new ways to delight when using the product.

The resulting new design is as reassuring as it is engaging. The sculptural form interrupted by central placement of the ‘eye-like’ dosing ball, demands our subconscious attention and creates a formidable shout at shelf. The bottle deliberately echoes a jug and alludes to the convenience of ease of pouring meanwhile clearly differentiating from gels and cementing brand recognition.

As a result of this transformation, Unilever has significantly strengthened the performance of Persil Small & Mighty Liquid Detergent. Robyn Trevor gives it 5 stars and says, “PERFECT PERSIL, Brilliant a lot better then expected. I was impressed with the shape of the bottle, which made me a little cautious about using it thinking they spent more time on design than product. However I was mistaken this is brilliant…” Indeed, it was Robyn the consumer we set out to impress in the first place!

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