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Danone’s new and most advanced formulation of Aptamil demanded the best packaging. With Aptamil’s existing pack already setting a very high bar in the category, the challenge was to find real and meaningful game changers.

When feeding their baby using formula, parents are concerned about accuracy, freshness, hygiene and convenience. Tin Horse adopted these concerns as guiding principles and explored a number of working hypotheses as physical prototypes. These were used as highly provocative stimulus in interactive consumer sessions designed to build learning about how consumers feel packaging can help to alleviate their concerns.

We discovered that apart from safe transit of formula, the second most important role for the pack was to facilitate scooping. The one thing the current pack did not seem to do well!

Providing improved access makes scooping easier and more convenient, it reduces the risk of hand contact with powder and is therefore more hygienic. It also improves the ergonomics, so you can be more accurate filling each scoop. In turn this means you’re less distracted when you’re busy counting! With left and right handed leveling bars and highly intuitive scoop storage carefully crafted into the closure system, along with ease of recycling of the container, the new pack is all about the affordance of the best practices for the preparation of infant milk formula. What better way to articulate the promise of Aptamil’s best formulation yet?

Transformation is not about discovering ‘magic bullets’. It’s about considering all the diverse aspects of users, practices, brands, products, manufacturing and retail – simultaneously! This transformation is just going live in the UK, as part of a European rollout, helping infant nutrition take a ‘baby leap’ forward.

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