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Kimberly-Clark were facing into the challenge of an increasingly commoditised category. They invited Tin Horse to consider this challenge and we started by working with a multidisciplinary team to frame the problem and agree a brief. The team wrestled with a classic conflict; should they aim to lower costs or find ways to increase value. It was also made clear that no cost saving would be implemented if it was not shown to be motivating for the consumer. We persuaded them that the best brief would be the one that made no trade off and set out with a simple but bold ambition: ‘create something motivating for the customer – whilst simultaneously enabling a reduction in cost of goods by 6-60%’.

Using ethnographic techniques we carried out a boundary study in people’s homes to shine a light on the simple human truths about tissues – one began to stand out as obvious and fundamental, to be useful, tissues need to be close to hand. The runny nose does not wait. This simple fact was the inspiration for our innovators and designers who realised tissue boxes, in the commodity war, had become obtrusive and unsanitary invaders in our increasingly styled interiors.

Compression created a sleek and more discreet pack – yet it contained the same quantity and quality of tissues as before –making it easier for the consumer to buy, carry home and place more discreetly around the house in a variety of rooms… even in the car!

The new packs delivered results that went far beyond mere costs savings, (although these were not to be sneezed at, packaging reduction was approx. 1/3 for Kimberly-Clark). Transportation and distribution efficiencies resulted in savings of 29% in mileage and 28% reduction in emissions. It was a multi-winning design for retailers and shoppers, allowing better on-shelf efficiency and creating more shelf space in store for new products too!

As a result of this transformation Kimberly-Clark were seen as category captains by the retailers, the compressed pack was adopted by own label brands across the tissue category and Tin Horse became proud winners of both the global Worldstar Award, and the Starpack Award for Excellence.

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