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Sometimes structural design can make such a positive difference to a brand, business and user that it blows all subsequent iterations out of the water.

This has been the case for Unilever since they approached us to redesign the anti-perspirant stick 17 years ago!

We observed how little people pay attention to the products they use in their morning grooming and personal care routines. We also noted how the bold underarm gesture of applying an antiperspirant stick seemed incongruous with, and frustrated by, the fiddly adjustment of the prevalent wheel mechanisms.

We discovered that by turning the wheel into a ‘key’ we could create a much more intuitive sense of cause and effect on the movement of the stick. One full turn of the base ensures the exact dosage for the user. Twiddling with wheels, replaced by a satisfying click of the turn and reassurance you’ll be fresh all day.

An extremely light touch transformation, yet a highly robust one in a competitive market where it continues to be Number 1 in consumer preference tests. We can’t always change everything, but sometimes a small change can mean everything.

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