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The Tin Horse team combines niche expertise with broad experience and unlimited energy in design, innovation, strategy and insight. It’s this forceful combination working concurrently that sparks creation on a new level.


We like to think about the longer-term businesses, as well as brands, to get the best results. Only by setting the strategic framework can we effectively mine the golden solutions.

Our strategists illuminate the full picture, shining a light on opportunities and making sense as they go, weeding out the ‘woulds’ and the ‘coulds’, and focusing all energy on the ‘should’ –  the one transformation that will make a real difference for the future.

It’s through a thorough understanding of the business from top to bottom – the supply chain, retail, environment, distribution and market trends – that we ensure our transformations are multi-winning, so they benefit the business as much as the consumer.

By working alongside the client company, and recognising its goals and objectives, they work every angle of a brief to perform better.


Our insight team understands real life. They are experts in the everyday in a way that allows them to build consumer empathy and truly see things differently.

Their endless curiosity about real people, doing real things, in real situations means that their view is unlike any other in the industry.

Fanatical about both archaeological and ethnographic research, they uncover simple truths to inspire our innovators and designers, ensuring results that transform for both the client and the user.

Analysing shopper missions and scrutinising everyday unconscious behaviours whilst absorbing social cultural trends, this team delivers insights that ground transformation in reality. See our real life examples.

Our team with the smallest detail, they give the most illuminating view.


Our business-savvy innovators want to rip up the rule-books and find a new way of doing things. Not just for the hell of it, but because they are driven to discover the one thing that will make a difference to your business.

Motivated by design thinking but armed with consumer insight, they know retail and they understand shoppers, consumers and factories, giving them license to test the thinking and ensure the most stretching transformations are both viable and feasible.  It’s these skills that ensure they don’t just come up with ideas, they come up with ideas that work for you, your business and your customer.

Strategic backgrounds give a depth of understanding to brand briefs, design research gives context and an unquenchable desire to create something new drives true transformation.

Big brains and determination combined is a heady mix.


Our designers are chosen for their passion for crafting, love of variety and innate creative spark.

They offer a wealth of industrial design experience spanning different platforms, formats, materials and markets.

Their expertise in 3D branding, CAD, CAM, 2D and 3D visualisation, enables them to turn ideas into reality, and sketches into successful products.

Essential manufacturing experience ensures that the resulting designs are not just desirable, they are feasible.  They bring ideas to life every day. Whether physically bent over a milling machine, or giving form to paper and card, they strive, experiment and build until they stumble out into the light with practical perfection.

Fiercely proud of their work and the success it brings brands, our team enjoy making things that work, making things real, and making things better.


Some projects demand extra expertise and when that happens, we do what Hollywood does. That is, we assemble the best cast and crew for the job. It’s about building an ecosystem for the project to reach full potency so we draw on specialist skills and knowledge when required.

We are always looking for new talent, if you are interested in working for us…