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Christmas Movie 2017

The Tin Horse team wish you all a magical Christmas, and here’s to all your dreams taking off in 2018.

Longevity of Design

20 years ago this month a fantastic new design for BP Visco rolled out of the Tin Horse stable and onto the gas station shelves [...]

A cracking good pot

This pot is all about brand equity and the consumer package experience. The ice-cream pot is a total rethink for Magnum, and our challenge was [...]

Rocking and Reviving

After record sales in 2016, our iconic Deep RiverRock pack is rolled out across the Relax and Revive range: Revive with Magnesium or Zinc, and Relax with Lavender or [...]

A brand experience – in a glass

Tin Horse were tasked to prove the principle that by generating a vortex, it would reduce agitation and deliver a smoother taste experience. With a [...]

The pinnacle of cleaning

This 3D structural design works in harmony with the 2D graphic design. The facets communicate cleaning efficacy and are both contemporary and aesthetically pleasing.  The [...]