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Standing the test of time

Having worked on global FMCG brands and projects, it’s obviously the latest and greatest that quickens the pulse but for us, as for most design agencies, the sight of their latest launch on the shelf still brings that frisson of excitement. It’s easy to forget the battles and hurdles overcome in bringing creative inspiration to [...]


Fairy Tales – Stories Seeking Closure

Some may argue that the most important function of any pack is to safely move a product through the supply chain and into the hands of the consumer. If a pack doesn’t do this, one would also argue that it’s a failure. Of course, a more holistic view of the function of a pack reveals [...]


IP on a Tight Rope

Invention, new ideas and breakthrough unique innovations are all part of how we value design. Quantifying this value is always difficult. Indeed, valuing anything in the wake of Brexit, with ever-fluctuating currency exchange rates, is a challenge. But let me seek some empathy, and maybe help to clarify a delicate contractual point that designers and [...]


Surfing the tidal wave of packaging waste

Tin Horse have been impressed with the timely campaign from Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), who were conscious of the millions who hit the beaches this past summer vacation and no doubt witnessing the growing tide of sea plastic amongst the sandcastles and surfboards. SAS launched their campaign, "Message in a Bottle", in an attempt to persuade the [...]



Martin has a knack for looking at a problem and seeing another problem. Wicked problems, he calls them. In this video about the packaging of potatoes in the UK, he explains how trying to solve what appeared to be a simple issue was far more complex.


Effectiveness for Good

It's not surprising that designers have a reputation for their obsession with the 'latest thing'. We inevitably promote ourselves on what we've done that's new, and has just had a seismic impact on any given category. However, Tin Horse is 25 this year, an event which has given rise to both celebration and reflection.  You'd [...]


It’s a flexible future

Clients are always asking us what we see as the up and coming trends in packaging so we thought we would share our response. In recent years, we have seen a plethora of new and innovative flexible packaging formats emerging and we are confident this trend is set to continue. Flexible packaging is no longer [...]


Seducing the basket

WINNING IN STORE We have seen some key shifts in post recessionary times, but the one that has been consistent across our clients is a clear need to understand how to standout in store and sell from the shelf. Whilst this activity is called many things, (FMOT, Shelf POP, Stand out, Shelf Shout, Shelf Evidence); [...]


Design Ability

FMCG DESIGN ‘ABILITIES’: Four prerequisites for successful innovation in FMCG Having ideas can seem effortless compared to the challenges of deciding, defining, and delivering an FMCG product to market. As Brand innovators we must be able to advocate the value of what we do right across our client’s business. Using a DFV design approach ensures we [...]